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This Website will not:

  • Baffle you with confusing or complex navigation procedures.
  • Be no more complicated than it has to be to do the job asked of it.
  • Waste your time with special offers and take you off into other areas you did not wish to go.

What this Website will do:

  • Is to give you help information on each page and question to assist you in the accurate completion of the necessary information required.
  • Is give you Back and Next (and if applicable, Delete) buttons both at the top and bottom of long pages.
  • Is enable you to easily sort out, what we hope you will find is, a competitive holiday home insurance quotation.

Our philosophy:

At Smith & Pinching and our sister company Household Insurance Services we are constantly showing people what savings there are to be had by doing a thorough market search on their behalf. Premiums charged by different insurers vary quite dramatically. It often comes as quite a surprise to people to see how much they could have saved themselves over the years. Savings do differ from just twenty pounds to several hundred pounds in some cases. Choosing the best possible premium based on someone’s individual circumstances, we then link this to one of our select panel of insurers and schemes.

Concerning banks and building societies please do not think that you are stuck with insuring with them forever just because they arranged your mortgage. It is a known fact that, whilst such organisations might be good at arranging mortgages, their insurance schemes, more often than not, are not that competitively priced. It is such independent organisations as ourselves that show people what money could be saved by just taking that little bit of extra care and time to check around.

With everything being done 'in-house', from underwriting decisions to policy issue, we are in a position to give our clients a level of personal service that we defy anyone to better. Clients are encouraged to build up personal relationships with our staff and can ask to speak to an individual member of staff at any time.

We believe that, in a world of computers and e-commerce, one should not forget that people, at the end of the day, still like to deal with people. Technology should be used to better the service given and not take away the person-to-person contact and subsequent relationship which matters in such a complex and important subject as insurance. Our clients know that at any time they can ring our office, speak to the person they want, and talk for as long as they like to ensure that their cover meets their exact requirements. Our line of thought is quite simple; to provide such a good service that you are going to recommend us to your friends and relatives.

It is with the above in mind that we invite you to try out our service by completing the appropriate enquiry form and obtaining an immediate quotation. Should you have any queries, encounter any problems or can not get an immediate quotation for whatever reason please contact us on our freephone number 0800 1951993. One of our staff will then be pleased to give you whatever assistance is required and answer any questions you might have.



Within a matter of just a few years our clients now number several tens of thousands. Our renewal retention (those people who continue to insure through us year after year) is around 90%. We mention this because somewhere, someone must be happy with what we are doing.